About Laniakea

Laniakea provides the possibility to automate the creation of Galaxy-based virtualized environments through an easy setup procedure, providing an on-demand workspace ready to be used by life scientists and bioinformaticians.


If Laniakea helped you, please do not forget to cite:
Laniakea: an open solution to provide Galaxy “on-demand” instances over heterogeneous cloud infrastructures
Marco Antonio Tangaro, Giacinto Donvito, Marica Antonacci, Matteo Chiara, Pietro Mandreoli, Graziano Pesole, Federico Zambelli
GigaScience, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2020, giaa033, https://doi.org/10.1093/gigascience/giaa033

And please acknowledge the ReCas-Bari datacenter:
The computational work has been executed on the IT resources made available by the ReCaS project, funded by MIUR under the program “PON R&C 2007-2013"


Laniakea has been developed in the framework of the INDIGO-Datacloud project funded by the European Commision H2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement RIA 653549.


The Laniakea@ReCaS service is provided with the support of ELIXIR-ITALY and ReCaS-Bari.